Effective 05/6/2015

General Policy

Credit & Billing Terms

Your monthly participation fee and the charges for your flight activity are automatically billed to your credit card each month. Participation fee is billed in advance. Flight charges are billed at the beginning of the month following the flight activity.

If credit card charges are declined, they will be immediately due and payable. If for some reason charges are not collectable, a late charge of 3% per month will be assessed and the delinquent member will be grounded until the account is paid in full.

Dual Instruction

All instruction is to be provided by independant instructors that have met the experience criteria of Valley Flying Club, Inc. and Valley Flyers Association. Inc., and have been approved by Valley Flying Club. They must be members of Valley Flying Club and Valley Flyers Association in order to comply with our insurance regulations. Any person receiving instruction and/or occupying the left front seat of a club aircraft must be an enrolled club member and association member.


Rental rates include insurance on our aircraft and the members of Valley Flyers association individually. Our coverage is $100,000 per person and $1,000,000 property damage. In the event of damage the renter is responsible to the club only for the deductible amount and any costs involved in returning the aircraft to its home base that are not paid by the insurance company. Our policy does not permit subrogation. Each member is individually insured but members must obtain AVEMCO or AOPA renters insurance to cover the deductible amount. The approximate cost of the insurance is $220.00/year.

What are the requirements for joining Valley Flying Club ?

A prospective member must submit an application with a check or credit card for the correct membership fee as well as the first month and last two month's participation fee. Prospective members are screened through a credit check and may be asked to present references and/or credentials. A minimum of a private license and 100 hours total time is required to join the club. Individual aircraft requirements are listed below: .

Rental Usage

Aircraft may be rented for pleasure or business flights and may be booked for short or lengthy trips away from our home base. There is an hourly flight time requirement of 2.0 hours per 24 hours booked. Our aircraft are allowed to go anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

Aircraft may also be used for advanced training. We offer excellent instruction for commercial, flight instructor, or instrument ratings.

Aircraft Rental Rates

Aircraft rental rates for each aircraft are listed below:

CESSNA 182S $122.00 PER HOUR
CIRRUS SR22 GTS - with AC $192.00 PER HOUR

All rates are "dry" (exclusive of fuel.) You simply return the aircraft with the tanks topped. In order to purchase fuel, you must set up a credit card account initially with Westwind Aviation, then call them on a frequency of 130.65 each time you need fuel or window cleaning service.

Valley Flying Club provides engine oil. A reserve supply of oil may be found in the equipment box in the baggage compartment of each aircraft.

P.O. BOX 6339